• Today we will discussing ways to finalize your essays. When we talk about finalizing any writing, we mean preparing it for publication, in a sense, rather than considering it "done". With this in mind, I would like you to freewrite for 5-10 minutes about what kind of editing practices you might do in order to finalize your essay.


Editing is a form of finalizing our writing for publication. With that in mind, it can be intimidating trying to pinpoint particular errors that went unnoticed while composing our drafts because we usually try to write with as few errors as we can in the first place! But editing is not always just about fixing errors; editing is also an opportunity for us to rethink the way things are worded, adjust our structure for more facilitated reading, and transform sentences that feel awkward or unclear.

Let's take time today then, to practice this with a sample paragraph. Once we've had time to look this over, we can discuss it as a class.

One thing that example doesn't ask us to look for is passive and active form. Changing your wording in this way can make your argument stronger and more convincing.


  • Come to class prepared for Flight discussion!
  • This will be your final day of discussion for this reading, but we will be making connections to it throughout the rest of the semester, so make sure to get caught up if you are behind.