Welcome back! I hope you had a great holiday weekend!

Since you may not have thought much about your writing project over the weekend, let's start today with a refresher freewrite:

  • Begin by asking yourself what questions you have about this writing assignment.
  • When I say to begin, use these questions to try and iterate your thoughts about your own writing and where you want to go with it today, as we begin your draft.


Let's get started by going back to your previous writing. In your previous freewrites, you should have some conceptual material that will help you compose a draft. Try to identify some of the key elements before we begin drafting:

  • Characters
    • Who else is part of your narrative? Family? Friends?
  • Plot
    • What conflict is your narrative going to be based on?
  • Setting
    • Where does this story take place?
    • When does this story take place?

Ok, once you have some of the key points identified, let's get to the writing!

Begin by opening a new word document. Don't start this on the wiki! Remember that drafting should be ugly, so don't think too much about grammar or structure yet. Try to focus on details; take the points that you know really well and embellish them; expound on them; elaborate on them; explode them out!

I will come around and answer questions as you are drafting, but don't ask me what to write. This is your draft, and I don't know enough about you to tell you what should be in a personal narrative about you! If you have ideas and you want feedback, I can better help you with that kind of thing.


  • I will show you how to attach a document to your wiki.
    • Before Friday, you need to upload your draft so that we can use it for peer review!
    • Don't forget to save your work from today! I'll show you how to use the Heron drive if you don't have something portable to save on. It's also a good idea to email your work to yourself so that you have it somewhere accessible at all times.
  • Make sure and keep up with the Flight reading!