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Icebreaker:A Name Game.

Review syllabus

A Very Important Note:

  • I teach both Composition AND Seminar in this Triad, but not the same sections (that would be kind of silly, no?). Therefore, be EXTRA careful when navigating my wiki page that you aren't looking at assignments for Composition or Seminar that are for my other sections. In other words, if you are looking for assignments for your Composition class with Mrs. Guerra, be sure to navigate there through HER wiki page, not mine. The link to her page is in my sidebar!

Index Cards:

  • Name (including any nicknames)
  • Major
  • High School and Hometown
  • Courses outside of Triad M?
  • Pirates or ninjas?
  • Anything else you would like me to know? :)


  • No Seminar on Fridays! (But you do have your other Triad M classes!)
  • After the Fact Chapter 1 take-home quiz due on Monday in Seminar! Feel free to email me with questions! :)