Welcome to First Year Seminar!

Something to Think About

  • Each class, I'll give you a prompt to ponder for the next time we meet. Sometimes (like now), it will involve you making note of something or bringing something to class. I'll never make it anything too complicated, though, so be sure to just give it a little of your time.
  • On Monday, we'll be examining the syllabi for your Triad courses. Please make note of one thing from each Triad syllabus (that's three things total) that you have questions/comments/concerns/advice/interest/angst/excitement/ queasiness/jubilation about. No need to write anything more than what the items that you chose from the syllabi were; we'll discuss your reactions to them in class.

Other Stuff:

  • Free Microsoft Office Suite for Students
  • Stop by the Waves of Welcome information table at the end of the spine nearest the UC (I'll be there between 4:30 and 5!) to learn about opportunities on campus. Our student speaker at Convocation highlighted the value of getting involved here, and this is a good way to find out how :)
  • If you are into gaming, check out the eSports Club (ESC)! I'm the faculty advisor and I'm excited about what we've got going on this year ;)
  • Bring your "Something to Think About" response to class on Monday!
  • I'll see you all in COSC 1435!