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Icebreaker:A Name Game.

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Your first homework, due by Monday (try to do this today, though, because there will be another small homework assignment tomorrow!):

  • Send an email to me (, as if you were writing me a letter, with the following information:
  1. Full Name (including what you prefer to be called)
  2. Email address (islander account!!)
  3. Where did you grow up?
  4. How do you feel about where and how you grow up when it comes to your high school education?
  5. What is one thing you really like about yourself?
  6. What is something you would change about yourself?
  7. Is there anything you want me to know about you that you think will help me in assessing your learning this semester?
  8. Whatever your major is (if you have not declared a major, think in terms of your strongest interests for your future), what influences brought you to the pursuit of that/those goal/s?

Avoid listing these things. Try to incorporate them into a brief description of yourself, as if you were writing to a pen pal for the first time. Add whatever you want to it and be creative!