• Freewrite about choosing a freedom from the Bill of Rights that connects to your topic.
  • Once we've completed the freewrite for today and discussed it for a bit, I'll ask for you to make a decision on what freedom you're going to use. We'll post them here.


Let's get some practice recognizing an argument:

  • First, get into groups of four.
  • Then, using Chapter 9 of Freddy Dougy, gloss the ideas and answer the questions on the glossing page about the chapter.
    • Freddy makes a specific argument at the end of this chapter. Is it a successful argument? Is it supported by his description of the events leading up to it? Are you convinced?
  • This is the kind of analysis that you'll need to undertake in order to determine multiple perspectives in your research.
    • Be sure that you are able to recognize when a scholarly article or other source is making an argument!
    • Many of the arguments you find might come from popular sources. If this is the case, be sure to utilize the more objective scholarly stuff to reinforce or counter the arguments made by these less objective pieces.

Editing and Additional Research

  • Let's review the formatting for your Bibliography so that everyone is on the same page for editing.
  • If we have time, let's add some Bill of Rights research to your bibliography!


  • Complete your Annotated Bibliographies! They'll be due by 3pm in my office!