• Time yourself to freewrite for 5 minutes, thinking first about your work so far on this essay:
    • Have you spent more or less time in the Invention stage of writing this time, compared to your last essay?
    • Do you feel there is more revision to do this time than last?

Meeting Guidelines Activity

  • Today, I'd like you to do a little meta-analysis of your work on this essay. You'll be creating a "shopping list" of things you've got already and things you need to go get from the store, metaphorically speaking.
  • Look first at the Project Description. As you re-read it, look for key words that tell you what needs to be included in this essay in order for it to be successful. Try to be as inclusive as possible; in other words, don't leave anything out, no matter how insignificant.
  • Next, go through your list and compare it with whatever writing you've done so far for this project, including Invention stuff like brainstorming and freewriting. Put a check mark by things that you've found, but don't cross anything off.
  • Write yourself a brief note at the bottom of your list describing which things you've found that you might need more of and which ones are satisfactory, as is.
  • Finally, set an agenda for your "shopping" by highlighting the most important things on the list that you haven't gotten yet. These will be the things you can focus on as you work on your draft for Friday.


  • Bring 2 copies of your draft, printed, for peer review on Friday.