Freewrite (choose one, two, or all of these questions to address in your response):

  • Why did YOU choose to come to college?
  • In general, what do you believe is the purpose of getting a college education?
  • How hard do you think you should have to work to earn "good" grades in college classes? (And, what does it MEAN to work hard for a class?)

  • In this video, Sir Ken Robinson makes several arguments:
    • The Founding Fathers were opposed to public education and didn't think it would work
    • Our public K-12 education system is more like a factory system than a supportive and nurturing environment focused on student growth
    • The purpose of schooling is to prepare children for the work world
    • Our current system of education is outdated
    • Schools separate people into "smart" and "non smart" people...and it's harmful
    • Schools kill creativity
    • The ADHD epidemic is fictitious (but has grown "in parallel" with standardized testing)

Another Take On It: