Is this CRAAP? Let's see...

  • First, let's practice some historical analysis!
  • Each of you will be assigned an image regarding the Spanish American Cuban Philippines War.
  • Take a look at the image. Then answer the following on a sheet of paper:
    1. Describe the image: What do you think IS happening in the image?
    2. Explain the image: What message is it conveying? What is the purpose? Put your interpretation in your own words.
    3. Analyze the image: How does the image relate to Dr. Muņoz's lecture on Imperialism? What does the image reveal to us about America and its relationship to some parts of the world in the 1890s?
  • Class Discussion:
    • What do these images PROVE to us? What are they EVIDENCE of?
    • How are the stories in the Angel Island text related to this idea of imperialism? (Or is it?!)