Triad M: Freedom Isn't Free!

HIST 1301: Dr. Peter Moore

  • I taught Composition w/him in Triad E last Spring semester. I know his class! :)
  • What's good advice for succeeding in Dr. Moore's class?
    1. GO TO CLASS!
    2. Pay attention and take GOOD notes because...
    4. Do the reading and study guides!
  • Even though there is no official textbook, we will be reading!
    1. After the Fact
    2. Charlotte Temple
    3. Frederick Douglass
  • Exam format
    • Matching
    • Short Answer
    • Essay

ENGL 1301: Jennifer Guerra

  • This is our first time to work together, but we've both taught for several years :)
  • What to expect:
    • Writing, writing about writing, and the writing process
    • Introduction to academic research, reading, and writing
    • Discussions about credibility of sources
    • Creative applications of your reading assignments
  • Major Assignments:
    • Essays
    • Portfolios