Today we are all going to participate in a simulation of the events that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692.

You will each be assigned one of the roles below. One person will be accused of witchcraft and will take the hotseat. That person may elect to go to trial or accuse someone else of being a witch. Be aware that each action you take will have its own particular set of consequences.

You can only accuse someone that lives on the opposite side of town as you!

Giles CorySarah Good
Martha CoryTituba
John ProctorSarah Osbourne
Elizabeth ProctorRebecca Nurse
John BroadstreetChristopher Brown
Sarah GadgeBridget Bishop
Goody CloyseReverend George Burroughs
Abigail HobbsGoodman Brown
Hugh CrotiaJennet Dibble
Mary EastySusannah Martin
Mary ParkerElizabeth Howe
Alice ParkerRoger Toothaker
Minerva McGonagallPhilip English
Lady Mary Phips 

Discussion Time!

  • How many people died or were imprisoned during our simulation? How does that compare to the events in Salem?
  • Was it better to confess or accuse someone else? (And what type of evidence was used against someone accused of being a witch?)
  • Were men treated any differently than women?
  • What were some of the theories presented in the chapter about the reasons people accused one another? Which do you agree with most?
  • Here's some more cool information about the events in Salem!