Let's take a peek at some data from your responses about your own social class!

  • From the earlier example, we discussed how social class plays a role in medical opportunities (and, thereby, life chances!).
    • How does your perceived social class, in your experience, reflect your understanding of your own medical opportunities?
    • Does your "health care literacy" depend on your social class? Do your literacy sponsors play a role?
  • Use the rest of the class time to write down what other parts of society and what other values play a part in your understanding of your own historical situation, as per the directions for your Sociological Imagination Essay.

Daniel's students: Part #2 of Project 1 Cris's students: Part Two!

  • Consider how WRITING LITERACY helps shape society through stories like the one we read today!
  • What impact does literacy have on your mobility between social classes?!?