A Letter to your future self

Also include a valid personal email address you will still have after graduation (e.g., Yahoo or Gmail).

It should include at least these 5 paragraphs:

  • ME, NOW: my hopes, fears, dreams, intentions, goals, problems, concerns, likes, dislikes, joys, frustrations; what I like about myself; what I don�t like about myself; what I�m proud of; what I think about; what bothers me; who I am, etc.
  • MY WORLD: a description of my home, bedroom, school, neighborhood, town; my favorite places to go; chores, allowance, pet(s), possessions, clothes, religion, current events; FAVORITES � books, music groups, movies, TV, etc.
  • WHAT I DO: my hobbies, pastimes, sports, school activities, what I do with friends, favorite snacks and foods, chores, how I spend my weekends and vacations, special activities I do, organizations I belong to, etc.
  • PEOPLE IN MY LIFE: my family, siblings, aunts & uncles, grandparents, friends, best friend(s), teachers, boyfriend, girlfriend, who I like, people I�d like to know better, people I admire and respect, important people in my life, people who annoy me, etc.
  • MY FUTURE: predictions, what I want to do, my long range intentions, what I�m looking forward to; what I�m dreading; my goals, my hopes and fears for the world; summer vacation, high school, college, marriage, employment, etc.