Exploratory Worksheets

Audience: The actual audience for this section of your portfolio is you. Of course, I will also be part of your audience but the main beneficiary will be you.


  1. Choose at least two particular, specific academic fields to explore. They may be closely related but should be different fields. For example, you might choose to explore forensic psychology and criminal justice.
  2. Explore each field through academically credible research (We will be in the library Thursday to review the difference between academically credible and general resources to help you get a strong start with this)
  3. Complete at least 2 of the Midterm Portfolio worksheets attached below. They are electronic, so you can download and type them, then print and/or upload when complete. I've attached 3 worksheets for your convenience, although for this assignment, I'm only requiring 2.
  4. Works Cited: You'll need to create and attach a Works Cited page with MLA formatted citations for all your resources. Expect to use between 5 and 7 academically credible resources per worksheet. To receive full credit, you need to include at least 5. If you'd like to include supplemental, non-academic resources you may do so in addition to the minimum 5-7 academic resource requirement.
  5. Due: Midterm Portfolio Checkpoint #1 will be Thursday, September 29th. By that time, you should be done with these worksheets and have moved on to the next portfolio element.

Note: There is space at the bottom of the worksheets to allow for you to supplement the form with other categories or information as pertain to your field.

I've listed some questions below to help you get started:

  1. What kinds of writing do practitioners in this field do?
  2. Where are they published?
  3. Do they participate in academic conferences? Why? What do they do there?
  4. What are some of the current "hot topics" that professionals in your field of interest are researching?
  5. What kinds of questions do they ask? What kinds of data or information do they seek?
  6. Who are some of the "big names" in the field? Who are the theorists that you need to know in order to be taken seriously as a member of the field?

Portfolio Worksheet #1

Portfolio Worksheet #2

Portfolio Worksheet #3