For your Midterm Portfolio - Part 2 Genre Reviews


For Part 2 of your Portfolio, you'll need to find 5 academic articles from each of the 2 fields you have chosen to start with.

In this step, you'll be looking at the format of the articles instead of simply at their content.

  • Start making notes of the characteristics. How are they similar? How are they different?
  • How can you tell they are "nursing" or "chemistry" publications?

For example:

  • Do they use particular terms or special vocabulary?
  • Are there certain theorists or researcher names that recur in many articles?
  • How are the pages formatted?
  • What citation style is used? (footnotes, in-text citations, APA, MLA, Chicago style, etc)

These are just some ideas to get you started in looking at the articles in this way. Don't feel limited to answering these particular questions, adjust your response based on what you see when you start collecting your sample articles.

Assignment - Write Two Short Genre Reviews

Nuts & Bolts:


Each of your reviews should include a clear introduction of the particular academic field you're exploring (Context, purpose, etc)

  • Summarize the characteristics of the field's professional writing
  • Include a thesis sentence that clearly states the point(s) that you will spend the remainder of the essay supporting & proving


  • Tell me about (analyze & explain) the characteristics of your sample articles that mark them as related to each other and as legitimately part of the particular discipline (academic field)?
  • Use your assembled sample articles as evidence to support your statements and conclusions about the discipline's writing characteristics.


Each review should have a clearly defined conclusion


Each review should be between 2-3 full pages in length

Due Date:

These reviews will be part of your portfolio, so I will review them with you when we schedule your Checkpoint 1 session. However, if you are confused about this assignment or have any questions, let me know so we can work together to keep your efforts on track.