Assignment 1 -Exploratory Worksheets (Completed worksheet plus Works Cited page)

• At least 2 completed worksheets • A Works Cited page for each worksheet

Portfolio Worksheet #1

Portfolio Worksheet #2

Assignment 2 -Genre Reviews (2-3 pages plus Works Cited page)

Two short genre review papers Each review needs to have a true introduction, focused and developed body paragraphs and a clearly defined conclusion.

Assignment 3-Rhetorical Triangle Mapping

Rhetorical Triangle

Take your 5 chosen academic articles from one of your Genre reviews and map them on the rhetorical triangle.

  • Review the Rhetorical Triangle from your class notes, discussion and textbook readings.
  • Apply the Rhetorical Triangle (RT) to 5 of your actual academic articles. Essentially, you'll write a paragraph or so on each article explaining how the positions on the RT are filled in that particular article.
  • Be sure to include an introduction & conclusion ( and Works Cited page if necessary)
  • Use proper MLA format
  • Although it's not required, you have the option to add a drawing or create and attach a powerpoint slide to your response to help clarify and strengthen your message. You can have some fun and be creative with this!

Assignment 4-Vocabulary

Review your academic articles and find at least 15 terms or phrases that are specialized to your particular field. You’re looking for “jargon” words that either aren’t often seen in ordinary, general-purpose writing or common words that are used in particular, specialized ways by academic writers in your chosen field.

For each term, be sure to include:

  • A full definition of the word (or phrase) - this definition should be in your own words. Don't just cut and paste a dictionary definition.
  • A per-article count how many times the term is used
  • A notation of how may of the articles use it
  • A short (2 – 3 sentences) reflection about the term and why you included it in your list. Some ideas for reflection:

• Why did it catch your attention?

• Does it seem to offer a more efficient way to “say” something that makes it worth knowing and using?

• Do you like the way it’s used?

• Can you see yourself adding it to your own writing? If so, would you use it on a regular basis?

You may find it simplest to organize this mini-assignment into a numbered list with bullet points for each individual sub-field.

Assignment 5-Reflective Overview

  • We'll talk more about this final section next week

Visual organization template

Reflective writing sample

Reflective writing sample 2