This assignment includes both a group presentation and an individually written component.

For the Group Presentation

  • In your groups, you will choose three visual texts (these can be magazine or TV advertisements, movie or political posters, etc)
  • Once your group agrees on which ads / texts you'll use, start breaking them down "rhetorically" like we did with the images in class on Tuesday, Aug. 30th. Using the NWWK text as a guide, you will examine your chosen texts to determine how they use rhetorical tools and strategies to convey their specific messages.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation of your Rhetorical Analysis, including the images, and present it to the class.
  • Your presentation should include contributions and participation from each group member and should last a total of about 10 minutes.
  • Your presentation must be academically based and include a Works Cited slide with academically credible, MLA documented support for your statements and conclusions.

NOTE: You are not restricted to any particular subject matter-your visual texts can reflect politics, pop culture, history, cultural movements, etc. What matters most is that your group does a thorough analysis and evaluation of the rhetorical aims and tools used in each individual text you choose.

Some issues to consider as you begin your analysis:

What is the main message / what, if any, are the sub-messages?

  • How did you determine this?
  • What were the indications or clues you picked up on?
  • Who is the intended audience?

What rhetorical tools does the author use to reach this audience?

  • Your outside research will come in handy here - you might explore where/when the text appeared as a starting point
  • Feel free to explore Aristotle's Rhetorical Concepts to further explain or present your points.

What part does context play in the message construction or in the expected audience reception?

  • Through your research, What did you learn about its actual audience reception?
  • Was it successful?
  • Why or Why not?

Additional PowerPoint presentation resources

For the Written Assignment

The written report with have a dual focus.

Part I - Rhetorical Analysis of Visual Texts

  • Have a clear and well-developed thesis that sets a strong focus for your analysis.
  • Include your rhetorical analysis and discussion of at least 3 visual texts
  • The assignment is designed to give you wide flexibility in organizing your analysis. You might choose to organize your visual texts around a particular time period, a theme or even around a common intended audience.
  • Organize your analysis to make the connections between your texts and your thesis strong and clear.
  • Your report must be academically based, including academically credible, MLA documented support for your statements and conclusions.
  • Much of this information will likely be included in your group's class presentation. However your written report will allow you to provide a more in-depth and detailed exploration of your topics and issues.

Part II - Reflective Response

  • Include reflections about how what you've learned from the book, from in-class activities and from your own research are reflected in your essay and conclusions.
  • Tell me how your group worked together to create your presentation, as well as whether your perspectives on rhetoric and on writing in general have changed (or not) during the past few weeks.
  • Be sure to discuss the Habits of Mind and the Key Terms in your Reflective Response.

Nuts & Bolts:

The final report / essay must be in the range of three to four pages and must be formatted following MLA documentation guidelines.

  • ALL references to material from NWWK should be accurately documented (parenthetically) and listed on the Works Cited list.
  • You need to include at least 2 outside scholarly resources (other than your NWWK textbook).
  • Do NOT consult or cite non-scholarly sources such as Wikipedia in writing this assignment. If you're confused about scholarly and non-scholarly sources, please check with me or with a librarian for further assistance.
  • Your group must submit your chosen images to me by Tuesday, September 6th (upload to Blackboard) - One group member can submit for the whole group - just be sure to include everyone's name so I can assign credit to all group members.
  • Group presentations will begin Thursday, September 8th
  • The FINAL draft of this document is due to be uploaded to Blackboard by midnight on September 19th.

*NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED - If your work is not submitted by the due date you will earn a "zero" for this assignment. Don't let that happen to you!

Presentation Rubric

Grading Rubric for Written Component

Thanks to Jen Bray