DUE Tuesday November 1st on Blackboard

  • Choose a topic
  • Create Research Questions
  • Write a thesis

Research Log

  • DUE: Bring to your conference and submit final, complete logs with your Final Portfolio

A record of your research activities. Dates, sources consulted (Call #, database name, etc) and the results yielded.

Source Reviews

  • Due:Thursday, November 15th (First 5)
  • Due:Thursday, December 1st (Second 5)

Formal, academic review of a particular resource. This review will be MLA formatted, with the correct MLA formatted source citation at the top of the page where the paper's title normally goes. You still need to include the regular MLA formatted header (name, etc) in the upper left corner of your first page. If you need a refresher, review MLA formatting at MLA Formatting Template

Your review should open with a summary of the text's focus and argument. Follow your introductory summary with an expanded exploration of the article and argument, including where and how it fits within the "academic conversation" of your subject. Be sure to include an exploration of the author's academic credentials in your review.

Each of your 10 Source reviews should be a full page in length.

Annotated Bibliography

You will not be required to complete an Annotated Bibliography for this project

Conference: Tuesday November 15th

You will set up a conference time to meet with me in the Faculty Center. You will need to bring your research and drafting to our meeting and be prepared to explain your project and provide me with a status update during our meeting.

  • At your Conference:

Review of your first 5 Source Reviews

Your Research Log Although you will keep your Research Log until the end of the project, we will use them to review your progress during your conference. Please note: to stay on-track with your project's development, you should have at least 16 entries in your research log by this time.

We will have a Peer-Review workshop in class

  • Due:Thursday, December 1st - Bring a full draft of your term papers and be ready to peer review today!

Helpful Links & Resources

Sample Academic article

TAMU-CC Library Search Page

Purdue Owl

Google Scholar

Library of Congress