The Essay

You will use the research you collect in your Source Reviews to write an academically based, argumentative essay. It will be to your benefit to incorporate all of the sources included in your Source Reviews, to avoid duplicating your research efforts.

You are free to include more than the minimum resource requirements or supplement your required academic resources with more general-purpose resources if that helps you convey your message.

Keep in mind - your final product must be overwhelmingly academically based and make a clear argument (or claim) that you support through your research.


  • Write an academically based argumentative paper that makes a clear statement (claim) in a recognizable thesis sentence
  • Support your claim with a minimum of 10 academically credible resources
  • Demonstrate audience awareness and deliberate planning in the organization of your claims and support
  • Follow the conventions of standard English grammar, structure and punctuation in your essay
  • Submit a draft for peer-review workshop AND submit both the Peer Review worksheet and complete rough draft with your final draft hard-copy
  • Conference with instructor
  • Final essay must be 6-8 pages in correct MLA format and include a Works Cited Page
  • Due: Tuesday, December 6, 2016 (the last class day)