The Final Portfolio

Portfolio Guidelines

Introductory Sections


center on the page

  • your name
  • the course name and
  • the date of submission



Evidence Sections

4. Core Outcome 1: Demonstrate your ability to analyze different rhetorical situations (in academic, workplace, or civic contexts) (Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information)

5. Core Outcome 2: Develop, interpret, and express ideas through written communication

6. Core Outcome 3: Demonstrate your ability to locate, read, evaluate, select and effectively use (integrate & synthesize) information from appropriate sources with your own ideas

7. Core Outcome 4: Explain what you have learned from being a novice in new writing situations, and describe how these experiences, which might include failure, contribute to your willingness to accept new challenges as a writer

  • For each section, include a discussion (a paragraph or two is fine) about your experience this semester with the particular skill or concept highlighted in that section.
  • Follow with a paragraph explaining which assignments you have chosen to submit as your "evidence" of learning and how you believe the particular assignment(s) showcases your development of those particular academic skills.

Final Sections

8. RESEARCH LOGS (Unless included as evidence in one of the 4 main sections)

9. PEER REVIEWS (Unless included as evidence in one of the 4 main sections)

10. WORKS CITED (If necessary)


Your Final Portfolio (both electronic AND hard copy) will be accepted until the end of our official Final Exam period at 4:15 pm.

Please note that although both an electronic and hard-copy version will be required, the electronic version will be the official assignment of record.


  • 10 points of extra credit for complete Portfolios submitted by Tuesday, December 6th
  • 8 Points of extra credit for complete Portfolios submitted by Friday, December 9
  • 5 Points of extra credit for complete Portfolios submitted by Monday, December 12th

NOTE: You must submit the electronic final draft to Blackboard, as well as the complete hard copy Portfolio by the dates specified to receive the extra credit. As usual, submit your hard copy documents to my box in Faculty Center room 113.

I will be happy to accept your portfolio early, but due to end of the semester time constraints, late submissions cannot be accepted.