The Reflective Overview (RO) is the most important piece of writing you will do for your portfolio. The RO offers you a way to help your instructor understand how to evaluate, think about & "read" the materials in your portfolio. When you think of the RO in this way, it is also your opportunity to explain what you might not have done, or how you fulfilled expectations in ways that are different from the norm.

The RO is the first thing your instructor will read. Its purpose is to help her make sense of all the other work you did.

The RO for your Final Portfolio will be similar to the one you wrote for your Midterm Portfolio. The main difference is that I'd like to have you break it into sections. You will write a short RO with a general introduction of the work you have chosen to include and your overall plan and organization. Each Core Outcome will then be addressed in detail in one of the four separate sections that follow the RO.