Visual Aspects:

o Is the visual presentation well-organized? Are the images organized in a way that is interesting and/or eye catching? Do they encourage someone to pay attention or want to find out more?

o Are colors, symbols, and font styles used mindfully? For example, do they convey specific meaning or help the reader make connections between the different sections of the presentation?

o Are the images chosen appropriate for the groupís stated message? Does the group clearly explain how their chosen images connect with each other and portray their message?

o Are there NO misspelled words, grammar or usage errors in any part of the presentation?

o Are all aspects of the visual presentation organized and professional looking?

o Is all of the PowerPoint text readable from at least 2 feet away?

o Is there a good balance between text and visuals?

o Does the group make use of technology to enhance the presentation (strengthen their message)?


o Is the PowerPoint presentation organized in such a way that it makes sense to the audience?

o Is there a good balance between the visual and spoken elements of the presentation?

o Does each student participate in the Group Presentation?

o Is there positive and supportive interaction between Group members?

o Did the Group include a Works Cited slide?