Portfolio One / "Mid-Term" Portfolio (suggested: 30%-40%)

Project One (Theme): Rhetoric, Writing, and Research as Learning: Applying Key Concepts and Key Terms

  • Focus for learning (what we want to help students learn about and learn how to do)
    • Connecting to prior knowledge about writing (applies to almost all of ideas below)
    • Identifying and applying Key Terms?
    • Identifying "thresholds" and exploring how to cross them
    • Beginning "research as discovery / learning" (Information Literacy / Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education); "joining conversations"; exploring array of sources (Coming soon: Library will have several ways to introduce students to Information Literacy)
    • Practice processes of moving from "topics" to "issues / problems" to "research questions" (as part of learning about research and as way to look ahead to semester project)
    • Engaging with processes of writing, exploring how elements of rhetorical situation are interdependent
    • Reading and responding (summary, analyses, reflection)
    • Practice integrating information with own thinking (Phrasebank)
    • Begin reflection / reflecting (guided, iterative, metacognitive) (in addition to RO for Portfolio)

Basic Evaluation Rubric for the First Year Symposium presentations

Essentially, your presentation will be evaluated based on four main components:

The oral presentation

  • Presenter spoke authoritatively and extemporaneously. Presenter clearly engaged with his or her audience the entire time. The oral presentation is strong enough to stand on its own. The presentation was under 7 minutes.

The quality of your research

  • The entire presentation is based upon solid, credible, academic research. Presenter provides plenty of context and historical background. Multiple perspectives are presented with clarity and with solid analysis.

Your PowerPoint presentation

  • The power point is visually driven and compelling. The layout is creative and effective. There is an effective use of text, with NO misspelled words or grammar errors.

For a more detailed view of the full rubric, click below:

FYS Rubric


Adapted from original by A. Marquez and J. Bray