Academic article analysis

Working in groups, you'll get the chance to examine actual academic publications. Each group will need to come up with the following information for their chosen article:

Writer: What can you find out about the writer's academic credentials?

Topic: What is their overall topic?

Thesis: What is their thesis?

Writing: What do you notice about the language that is used? How long are the average sentences? How many sentences are in paragraphs?

Organization: Can you detect an overall organizational structure?

Works Cited: How many entries are in the Works Cited? What do you notice about the resources?

Take notes and be ready to share with the class!


Bi-weekly Journal #5

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Click the "Journal" tab on the left-hand sidebar
  • Read the Journal topic and spend some time drafting your response to the questions.
  • Click the "Create New Journal" button on the Journals page and add in your response.

*Post your response before midnight on Tuesday, November 15th

General Evaluation Guidelines

Your response will be evaluated based on the thoroughness of your discussion and the connections you make between the text and your own observations.