Alternate Assignment

As previously discussed, we are not meeting in class today to allow you some flexibility in your pre-holiday planning. Instead, you have an alternative assignment that will take the place of today's class and allow you to earn attendance and participation credit. (Because of that, missing today's quiz will count the same as missing class.)

Since your reading assignment over the break is to complete Concept 5 and be ready for our discussion and Quiz on November 29th (the day you return to class) it seems that now is the perfect time to slow down and review Concepts 1 - 4 that you have previously read and discussed.

To earn credit for today, you'll need to log in to Blackboard and go to the Quiz page.

There you will find the November 17th Alternate Assignment Quiz.

It is 10 questions that are drawn from the material in the NWWK text and from our MLA Writing Center Workshop.

Some questions may sound familiar. Don't second-guess yourself, just choose the answer you feel best responds to the question that is posed.

You will have 60 minutes to complete the Quiz. It's unlikely that you'll need the whole time, however, the test is set to automatically save and submit if you do reach the maximum time limit so don't worry if that happens.

I hope this quiz brings back fond memories for you...and that once you're done, you enjoy a happy and relaxing holiday.


Begin reading Concept 5 in your NWWK Text. We will discuss this last chapter in class on Tuesday, November 29th

  • Concept 5 Quiz - Nov. 29th (following the class discussion)

Continue working on your ongoing assignments

  • The next 5 Source Reviews
  • Keeping up with your Research Log and
  • Starting to outline and draft your final essay

(You will need to bring a complete draft to class on Dec. 1st for Peer-reviews)

If you have questions, email me - I will be monitoring email intermittently over the break so expect some time lapse between any emails you send me and your receipt of a response.