Midterm Portfolio Due!


The Reflective Overview should be the first item in your portfolio

Follow with:

  • Rough draft of the Reflective Overview (hard-copy portfolio only)
  • Peer-review worksheet (completed)
  • Your evidence (assignments).

(It would be helpful if they are organized by the order they are discussed in your Reflective Overview.)

  • Works Cited page

For a visual representation of the Reflective Overview, click here: Visual organization template

Other Portfolio Requirements

  • The Reflective Overview (RO) in MLA format
  • Pieces of evidence for each of the 4 core outcomes
  • Include at least 3 of the Portfolio "mini-assignments" in your portfolio
  • The RO and all evidence should be in a folder with brads, and all work should be in the brads
  • You are also required to submit your Reflective Overview and evidence online through Blackboard. Attach your evidence (documents) to your BB submission. (See detailed submission information below)

Submitting your portfolio:

1. Electronically through Blackboard (uploaded by midnight tonight)

  • Be sure to choose the option to upload your document - don't cut and paste.
  • Be sure to use a file type that Blackboard will recognize. After you upload your document, you should be able to see it. If you don't see it, more than likely I will not be able to see it either.


2. A hard copy of your Reflective Overview and supporting documents clipped into a folder and placed in my box in FC 113 by noon on Friday Oct. 21st.

Please note that although both an electronic and hard-copy version will be required, the electronic version will be the official assignment of record.

(If you are unsure how to attach files in BB, see me before the due date or contact Blackboard support at the IOL Helpdesk - 361-825-2692. You can also submit a help request via email ithelp@tamucc.edu.


Bi-weekly Journal #4

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Click the "Journal" tab on the left-hand sidebar
  • Read the Journal topic and spend some time drafting your response to the questions.
  • Click the "Create New Journal" button on the Journals page and add in your response.

*Post your response before midnight on Tuesday, October 25th

General Evaluation Guidelines

Your response will be evaluated based on the thoroughness of your discussion and the connections you make between the text and your own observations.


Concept 4.0 through Concept 4.3 in your NWWK textbook. (Pages 59-65)

I'm not assigning too much reading due to your Journal #4 assignment. Just read through these few pages and start thinking about these concepts.

  • Work on making connections to your prior readings and knowledge.
  • Write down any ideas or concepts that stand out to you. You might choose something, a statement or concept that you like or perhaps something that confuses you. We'll focus Tuesday's class discussion around your ideas and concerns.