HOMEWORK From last week


"Metaconcept" (p. 15-16) "Concept 1- Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity"

  • Sections 1.0 - 1.3, 1.5, 1.8 and 1.9

Important Notes:

Although you are responsible for reading the entire assignment, each group is responsible for knowing a specific section especially well and to be prepared to act as a knowledge resource for the class during today's discussion.

Foodies (Group 1) - Section 1.2

  • Writing Addresses, Invokes, and/or Creates Audiences - Andrea Lunsford

Team Apple (Group 2) - Section 1.3

  • Writing Expresses and Shares Meaning to be Constructed by the Reader - Charles Bazerman

Pentagon (Group 3)

  • Section 1.5 - Writing Mediates Activity - David Russell

Comp-Ton (Group 4)

  • Section 1.8 - Writing Involves making ethical choices - John Duffy

Four and One (Group 5)

  • Section 1.9 - Writing is a Technology Through Which Writers Create and Recreate Meaning - Brooke and Grabill

Group Practice ...

Each group will be assigned a poster.

As a group, figure out:

  • What is argument the image is making?
  • What is it asking us to do, think, believe, or feel?
  • What is the rhetorical context of the image (why was it produced?
  • What was going on? Who is the audience?)
  • Draw on your prior knowledge, then use whatever resources you are familiar with to find out more (Credo Reference Database? Google? etc.).
  • What sort of appeal does the image make: emotional? logical? Does the image use a spokesperson or a famous figure?
  • Is the image effective? Why or why not?

Each group will briefly present their findings to the class.

What did we just do?

You just conducted a rhetorical analysis (what we'll be doing for Writing Project 1)!!!


  • Read the syllabus.
  • Review Chapter 1

*Take notes on the chapter and bring these to our next class. We will continue our discussion on Thursday.

For the rest of the semester, bring your textbook to class every day. If you haven't purchased your textbook yet, please do so as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can access it at the library (it's on reserve) or in the CASA Writing Center.

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