Term Paper Conferences

Come to Faculty Center room 104 for your Conference

Remember to bring your Research Log and your Source Reviews. We will probably not have time to go over your Source Reviews in detail, but if you have specific questions or concerns please be prepared to focus on them.

By the time of your Conference, you should have at least 16 entries in your Research Log. That's not to say those are 16 sources that you'll end up using, but you should have reviewed at least that many on your way to finding a sufficient number that WILL work for your essay.

NOTE: Today's Conferences take the place of our regualar class meeting, so if you miss your conference, it counts the same as missing class. If you don't see your name on the list, email me to set up a conference time.


2:30 pm

  • Brandon Baker

2:45 pm

  • Abreana Pedraza
  • Hayley Bennett

3:00 pm

  • Dionicio Martinez

3:15 pm

  • Amber Rousseau
  • Carlton Kendall
  • Austin Finn

3:30 pm

  • Henry Middleton
  • Zachary La Mendola
  • Sydney Garcia

3:45 pm

  • Lauren Untalan
  • Patrick Alexander

4:15 pm

  • Ashton Adams
  • Mason Rostad

4:30 pm

  • Rachel Bowerman
  • Jonathan Webb

Monday, November 14th

  • 1:30 pm - Rey Morales


Check the class wiki page for Thursday, November 17th ON THAT DAY

  • Your alternate assignment will be posted and you will have a limited amount of time to complete your assignment & receive class credit for the day.
  • Begin reading Concept 5 in your NWWK Text. We will discuss this last chapter in class on Tuesday, November 29th
  • Concept 5 Quiz - Nov. 29th (following the class discussion)