By class time today:

  • Read the remainder of Concept 4 and be prepared for class discussion and a Chapter Quiz.

By tonight:

  • Submit your tentative/working topic and thesis to Blackboard.

For Today


Last week, we spent some time discussing the basic steps for beginning your research assignment:

  • Choose a subject/topic
  • Create a Research Question
  • Write a Thesis sentence

We also worked in groups to give you practice in taking a topic through the development steps, creating research questions and then working together to come up with a real thesis sentence that could drive your research. I've included links to the resources we used in class

Links for Thursday's in-class PowerPoint and TED talk


This presentation introduces and explains the process of creating Research Questions and offers strategies for the early stages of your Research paper

TED Talk - Driverless Cars

This excellent presentation gives you an example of how following your research questions might lead you to make connections (synthesize) information from different disciplinary fields (here it's engineering and biology) to get answers to your research questions.


An important tool for any researcher is keeping track of their resources. To help you organize your research efforts in this class, you'll need to start keeping a log of your research activities, results and conclusions. This log will be included as part of your final Portfolio in this class.

Concept 4 Quiz