• Concept 4 Quiz
  • Wrap-up our Concept 4 discussion
  • Preview Concept 5
  • Bring your NWWK textbooks

Group Work

This should be a fun way to start working with Concept 5

"Writing is (Also Always) A Cognitive Activity"

Status Check

How are the Source Reviews going?


Preview of Term Paper


for Thursday, Nov. 10th

Read Concept 5.0 - 5.2 (pgs 71-76)

This is a short reading, but I'd like you to try and make mental connections between this reading and your other work from this semester. Especially, try to connect the ideas here with the earlier NWWK readings, but also with the Habits of Mind and Key Terms. Today's Group work should have given you a head start on this. If you need a refresher on those, check the information on the wiki page sidebar. Because I know you're busy with your Source Reviews, there is no written component to this homework - just reading and thinking.

Submit your first 5 Source Reviews to Blackboard by midnight Nov. 10th