The Reflective Overview

So far this semester, you have worked on several assignments of differing length and focus.

Some highlights:

Project 1 - Multi-Modal Rhetorical Analysis and Reflective essay

  • Group Presentation component
  • Individual analysis and written reflection component

Bi-weekly Journals - You responded to specific questions about the Threshold Concepts in your textbook and worked to make connections between them and your own experiences and observations

Quizzes - Mixed multiple choice, T/F and short answer questions that required you to find and explain your textbook concepts, as well as make connections between them, yourself and your own experiences, and your developing awareness of the demands of disciplinary writing.

Now that we are at Mid-term, it's time for you to take some time and think about where you were when the semester started, where you are now and where you're going academically.

Today we'll talk about the Reflective Overview component of your Mid-term Portfolio

Portfolios in Nutshell: Collect, Select, and Reflect

  • Collect your work
  • Select items from your work that demonstrate critical thinking, learning, and engagement
  • Reflect on your work and how it represents critical thinking, learning, and engagement



Bring a draft of your Reflective Overview to class on Thursday for Peer Reviews. This will be your only in-class opportunity for peer reviews, which you will need to include in your Portfolio. If you do not have a paper to be reviewed, you will not be able to receive credit for the day! So make sure you have at least a complete "zero" draft to start working with!

NOTE: Printed drafts are easiest for your reviewer to work with, so please bring a hard-copy of your draft. If you need me to print it for you, send it to me before noon on Thursday.