Peer Reviews - Continued

Bring a draft of your Reflective Overview to class today.

At this point your Reflective Overview (RO) should be complete and edited into at least an advanced draft stage.

In order to fully respond to the assignment and provide an adequate overview of your portfolio, your RO should completely fill 3 typed (double-spaced) pages, not including your Works Cited page. If your draft is much shorter than that, it is probably missing an important element. Try sketching out an outline of your draft and compare it to the format listed below:



The RO needs to be formatted like an academic essay.

  • Use MLA style.
  • Include an introductory section

(generally introducing the background, context and writing conventions of the academic fields you are researching, as well as how your background or academic interests connect with it)

  • A "thesis" or statement explaining your overall plan for the portfolio.


  • Introduce the evidence you have chosen and explain why / how you see it connecting with the Core Outcomes we talked about on Tuesday.
  • I will provide Peer Review worksheets to guide you, so you'll just need to bring your drafts (and the NWWK text as usual) and something to write with.

You have some flexibility in how you organize your evidence. If you' d like to have sub-categories, for example, that will work with the purpose of connecting specific core outcomes with particular pieces of your work.

If you do choose to use sub-categories, you will probably find it works well to have a sub-category for each of the 4 outcomes and then include all your evidence for that outcome in that section of your Reflection.


Your paper needs to have an identifiable concluding paragraph.

Wrap up and briefly summarize your points, making a final connection between them and the original "thesis" or guiding statement you made in your introductory paragraph.

Guidelines for Peer Response

Visual organization template

Reflective writing sample

Reflective writing sample 2

NOTE: Printed drafts are easiest for your reviewer to work with, so please bring a hard-copy of your draft. If you need me to print it for you, send it to me before noon on Tuesday.