Alternative Class Meeting

Instead of meeting as a class today, you have a two part alternative assignment

1. Quiz

Take the short Quiz that will be available on Blackboard after 3:30 pm today - (normal class start time)

Please note - in order to receive full credit for today's class, you must complete and submit today's quiz before midnight tonight (Oct. 4th)

Format: The Quiz will be a blend of multiple choice, True/False and short answer questions.

Content: Quiz questions will be drawn from:

  • Your NWWK Readings (Concepts 1.0 - 3.5) & In-Class lessons & discussions (You are free to consult your class notes)


When you are ready, log into Blackboard and click on the Quiz Page option in the left hand sidebar menu

  • Choose the correct quiz
  • Click to start
  • Be sure to click to submit your answers
  • Close the Quiz page when you're done


I have allowed plenty of time for you to take this assessment, so time should not be an issue.

However, if it happens that you are not finished when the time expires, Blackboard will help you avoid the cut-off by automatically saving and submitting your work for you.

  • One Final note: Although you will not be taking it in a classroom environment, please remember that this Quiz is an individual assignment.

2. Continue your Mid-term Portfolio research

The Mid-Term Portfolio due date is quickly approaching. -Take advantage of this time to put some momentum into your project research

I have listed some helpful research links below. If you have any questions about your research field or are having trouble finding results, contact me or the research librarians for some helpful tips and guidance.

  • If you need to contact me, please note that I will not be on campus today - so this afternoon's office hours are cancelled. If you need to meet with me, let me know by email and we can set up a convenient appointment time.

Regular class meetings and office hours will resume Thursday.

For Thursday

  • Bring your research drafts, outlines, brainstorming, questions, etc to class on Thursday
  • Also bring your notes & resources (articles, books, etc.)
  • We'll be discussing the status of your research and address any questions or issues you may have come across during your research.

Research & MLA Formatting Links