Homework from last week

Bi-weekly Journal #2

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Click the "Journal" tab on the left-hand sidebar
  • Read the Journal topic and spend some time drafting your response to the questions.
  • Click the "Create New Journal" button on the Journals page and upload your response.

*Post your response before midnight tonight (Tuesday, Sept. 27th)

General Evaluation Guidelines

Your response will be evaluated based on the thoroughness of your discussion and the connections you make between the text and your own observations.

Continue working on your Midterm Portfolio - Part 2

Find 5 academic articles from with each the 2 fields you have chosen to start with.

Look beyond the article's content and try to get a feel for the formats.

Start making notes of the characteristics.

  • How are they similar?
  • How are they different?

For example: How can you tell they are "nursing" publications and not "history or "anthropology" instead?

  • Do they use particular vocabulary?
  • Are there certain theorists or researcher names that recur in many articles?

There are some ideas to get you started in looking at the articles in this way.


Write a short review of the articles as a genre (what is it about them that marks them as related and as legitimately part of the particular discipline (academic field)?

This review will be part of your portfolio, so I will review it with you when we schedule your Checkpoint 1 session.

Continuing our Discussion of Concept Three from your NWWK textbook (pgs. 48 - 58)

  • Concept 3.0 - Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies
  • Concept 3.1 - Writing is Linked to Identity
  • Concept 3.2 - Writers' Histories, Processes, and Identities Vary
  • Concept 3.3 - Writing is Informed by Prior Experience
  • Concept 3.4 - Disciplinary and Professional Identities are Constructed Through Writing
  • Concept 3.5 - Writing Provides a Representation of Ideologies and Identities