When I saw the Airbnb ad, I found it to be heartwarming and uplifting to see so many different types of couples represented in a short space of time. I was a bit shocked to find out that the first couple shown in the ad was a queer couple. To me, they looked like a regular heterosexual couple. The lesbian couples and the gay couples appeared to me to be warm and loving people. And though, I am not gay I felt a connection to these people as my fellow human beings. It was easy for me to see that they wanted love, safety, and happiness in their lives.

Here are what I think are the key socializing forces in my life for me having a positive response to this ad:

  • Family --my mom and dad were very young when they had me. They were also very strong individuals. They did not mind being different from other people or doing things their own way. My dad was white, anglo and my mom was Hispanic. She did not really embrace her Hispanic heritage in an open way, but she took the parts she wanted, like tortilla, pinatas, posole, and ponchos, and disregarded the rest.
  • Religion --my family has always had a very complicated relationship with religion. My dad was raised in a crazy, over-zealous Baptist household with ministers for uncles. His experiences with the Baptist religion soured him on organized religion. My mom followed his suit. We went to church sporadically.