Welcome to Seminar!

Hello! Welcome to the first day of class and to my wiki page (yes, it's very antiquated, I know!). You will notice that after reading the syllabus, there are not too many details about the daily assignments, project information, due dates, etc. As the semester progresses and those details get hammered out between your lecture course(s) and Seminar, I will be posting that info.

If you have any questions at all, please email me or visit my office hours. My job as your seminar professor is to help you! No matter is too small (or too “stupid”).

Class Plans:

Take attendance, pass around student info sheet

  • Bring printed roll sheet, and contact info sheet
  • Posted on Blackboard, will not be shared publicly

Introductions - About Me

  • Acknowledging Hurricane Harvey

Meet our Learning Community – Triad/Dyad AP LC

Common Ground

  • Bring sharpies, index cards
  • Break students into 4 groups, find 5 things they have in common together - nothing work or school related
  • Have each group introduce each other to class, report what they have in common

Habits of Mind

  • Eight note cards with a habit of mind on each
  • Pass 2 cards out to each group (from Common Ground)
  • As a group, come up with a definition for the word and how you think college might challenge you in these areas

Syllabus Overview – See Blackboard

  • Bring printed syllabi
  • Check your student email and Blackboard daily


  • For those of you who may need accommodations for a disability, please make sure to email me or visit me during my office hours as soon as possible.
  • Lab safety seminar: Check on due date!
  • Last day to drop/add a course to your fall schedule is September 12th
  • Download your free copy of Office 365 asap!
  • Check out the homework for lecture sooner than later! It’s actually worth a large chunk of your grade, and it actually helps you perform better on exams. But you have to plan ahead in order to get it done on time and not when you’re trying to study for exams.