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VanessaCrocker: 07FebWedS-S18

Happy Nameday!

We will be naming molecules in class today to practice for Friday's Exam 1. But seeing as it's your Nameday, let's make a game out of it.

Rules of the Game:

  1. All answers must be written down
    • Each group will be given ONE dry erase board to write your answer - write legibly, and large!
    • Only when your group has finished writing the answer can you "buzz" in.
    • Answers with spelling errors will be considered incorrect
  2. Each group has one chance to present an answer to each question
    • If the first group presents an incorrect answer, the other groups will be allowed to buzz in for a chance
    • For the group that presents a correct answer, one member must come up to the board to explain their reasoning
  3. The group with the highest score at the end of the game wins!
    • Wins what? A half point extra credit onto your final Seminar grade! And our utmost respect and admiration!
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