Upcoming Due Dates!

Let's look at the Plans & Key Due Dates

Class Plans:

11:00AM Seminar Meets at Writing Center for discussion of Resume

Team Work - Attendance clause

  • Throughout the rest of the semester, certain Seminar class days have been designated as Team Work days where I purposefully set aside time for you to work in your research teams during class
  • Do NOT miss these classes! These are critical times to meet with your team and clarify expectations for the assignment and for each other.
  • If you miss more than one of these classes, your individual grade for the associated team assignment will reduced by 1/2 letter grade/per additional missed Team Work class

Theme: Never Stop Questioning

  • Discovery research
  • Credible sources

Review Expectations for the Article Presentations

Presentation Model

Team Work:

  • Team name
  • Topic considerations

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