Break up students into new groups - space out individual students who did not do well on the first exam


  • Research Topic/Audience/Medium to be finalized during Seminar on October 16th
  • Benchmark for LC Points due Oct. 27 @ 11:59pm
  • DYAD - Mid-Term Self-Reflection due Oct. 27 @ 11:59pm
  • Oct. 28 - Walk for Mental Health Awareness

Good Discussion - Ground rules for talking about sensitive subjects

Processing the Results from the first round of exams

"As we open up the discussion, let's please remain sensitive to the fact that there may be students in this room who have experienced some heavy disappointments with their first exams, whether in A&P or in other courses"

"This is the part of the semester when not only academics become overwhelming, but your personal lives as well. Many of you may be doing very well so far dealing with the stress and pressure, but I'm sure by now you've talked with friends and fellow students who are struggling. I would like to provide an opportunity to read and reflect and either your own struggles, a friend's, or someone who you know who struggled in the past."

  • Anxiety Reflection
  • Open floor for any questions you might have concerning yourself or others
  • Mention that Wednesday, reps from the Nursing Program will be leading Seminar in a discussion of Mental Health Awareness and teaching strategies for how to reach out to your peers who may be struggling.

Time Allowing - Let's talk about the lab practical, and share inside tips/advice for studying

  • Make a class study guide