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Time allowing:
*Have one student volunteer to log in to Mastering to show fellow students the "tricks of the trade"
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*Anybody who didn't sign the contact info sheet? Will be posted shortly (I will send an announcement when it is up)
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*Troubles with the accent?
**Read the text book ahead of time
**Note any questions you have, and ASK them during class
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*Thanks to those of you who attended the DUGS Ice Cream Social last Friday!
*Last day to add/drop course is tomorrow, September 12th
*Any questions/concerns about A&P, Composition?

Peer Mentor Introductions & Ice breaker

Fostering Connections within our Learning Community
*Learning Community Points - discussed
*[[LC Points - AP-F17]]

RESPONSIBLE for owning your knowledge - Were you paying attention?
*Bring paper, dry-erase markers
*Pass out a sheet or paper to each student
*Ask them to draw a picture of an animal cell, as detailed as possible, with labels
**Check in with person next to them, fill out more
**Have individuals come up to board to draw the cell, each adds one thing at a time