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Peer Mentor Introductions

*Bring note cards

  • Secret Talents: Give each student an index card. Ask everyone to write down on the card something not immediately apparent about themselves: a secret talent or obsession—I know how to juggle, or when I was ten I demanded that everyone call me “The Fonz,” or I know all the words to “The Sound of Music.” Students should not write their names on the cards. Then, collect the cards and redistribute them; ask students to check to make sure they don’t receive their own back again (if they do, just give them a different one). Next, students should find the person whose card they received (this means everyone will have to get up and move around). They will need to introduce that person to the group, giving just the name and talent. When everyone has had time to find the person whose card they have and to talk a bit, select one person to begin the introductions. Then, the person just introduced will introduce the person whose card she received, and so on.

Fostering Connections within our Learning Community

RESPONSIBLE for owning your knowledge - Were you paying attention?

  • Bring paper, dry-erase markers
  • Pass out a sheet or paper to each student
  • Ask them to draw a picture of the rock cycle, as detailed as possible, with labels
    • Check in with person next to them, fill out more
    • Have individuals come up to board to draw the cell, each adds one thing at a time

Time allowing:

  • Have one student volunteer to log in to Mastering to show fellow students the "tricks of the trade"