• Ask students to bring laptop, tablet (to use the Journal feature of Bb in class)
  • Arrange tables differently to make space for name game?
    • have students leave their things "at the back of the room"


Habit of the Day - CURIOSITY

Ice breaker (20 min):

  • Picnic: (An elementary school classic; itís best to acknowledge at the beginning that itís a little hokey.) Tell students you are going on an imaginary picnic. Ask the students to go around the room introducing themselves by saying their names and a food to bring that begins with the first letter of the name. (Iím Greg and Iím bringing grapes.) The next person must give the names and foods of everyone who came before, then his/her own name (Thatís Greg and heís bringing grapes; Iím Alice and Iím bringing applesauce.) Instructors usually go last, so that they have to repeat everyoneís name.

Variation: Have students bring objects more closely related to the class content: for a literature class, students might bring famous authors; for a class on animal rights, they might bring animals.

  • Bring ball and play name game afterwards (same one from Dyad G)

Class Discussion: Learning styles

  • Draw venn diagram on board
  • "I'm curious, what types of learning styles did the ice breaker use to help you remember each other's names?"
  • For the next 5 minutes - introduce yourselves, self-identify as to what type of learning style works best for you, and share your ideas for what types of learning strategies you will use in A&P to be successful (How do you study?)
    • Come up with a couple of ideas for each learning style
  • Each group will share one "best" idea for each learning style

Learning Styles & Notetaking I bet not a single one of you mentioned "Pay attention in lecture" - attention and curiosity go hand in hand Foster Your Curiosity in Lecture - Make the most of your time in lecture, use it as an opportunity to study!- Via Note Taking

  • Gives you a mission
  • Show video clip
    • On Bb, other videos, check out other note taking styles
  • Try to think as much in 3 dimensions as possible
    • If you're not understanding, stop the professor and ask a question
  • Bring your book, and read along if needed, take the opportunity to highlight which sections you need to spend more time on

Last 15 minutes:
If you have a laptop/tablet go get it and fire it up - if you didn't bring one, spread out and look on with someone else

  • Folder on Blackboard for tech help - let me know if there is something you found helpful that you think I should add
    • Sync email on phone
    • Download Office 365 for free
    • Access TAMU-CC Microsoft Office cloud from anywhere
    • Use Outlook, or some other mail manager
  • Journal feature of Bb
    • Self-Care reflection due before Seminar on 9/18
  • First-Year Symposium
    • Proposed Topic Slide due before Seminar on 9/20
  • Time allowing (if not done 9/11):
    • Have one student volunteer to log in to Mastering to show fellow students the "tricks of the trade"