To Bring:

  • Paper
  • Dry-erase markers
  • Make simple PPTs to help facilitate step-by-step in discussions

As they come into class - Break into different groups


  • Seminar in OCNR 240 on 9/19
  • Seminar in Library, second floor study group rooms

Discussion on Discussion (25 min)

  • Now that we're moving into the more academic part of Seminar, we should make sure that the environment for discussion in our class is a good one
  • In this class your diverse perspectives/opinions/ideas are more than welcome! Because we'll be having class discussions nearly every day this semester, we need to spend a bit of time talking about our ground rules for discussion to promote inclusivity of all personality types and personal opinions.
  • What makes a good discussion?

TRANSITION: Habit of the Day: Curiosity

How Do You Learn? - Reflection: Learning styles (15 min)

  • Draw venn diagram on board with learning styles
  • In groups, discuss the following:
    • What type of learner are you?
    • What types of strategies do you know work for you best? How will you prep for Geology exam 1?
  • Each group will share one "best" idea for each learning style

I bet not a single one of you mentioned "Pay attention in lecture" - attention and curiosity go hand in hand

(10 min) Foster Your Curiosity in Lecture - Make the most of your time in lecture, use it as an opportunity to study!- Via Note Taking

  • Gives you a mission
  • Steal audio clip & video from Engineering last fall
  • Try to think as much in 3 dimensions as possible
    • If you're not understanding, stop the professor and ask a question
  • Bring your book, and read along if needed, take the opportunity to highlight which sections you need to spend more time on