Hello! Welcome to the first day of class and to my wiki page. I will be sharing lots of information about our course here, so make sure to check it out frequently during the semester. While most of the details for assignments/due dates are set for the semester, they may be subject to change depending on the needs of the community (ie, your lecture courses). I will make every effort, either through email or in person, to communicate changes in expectations ASAP.

If you have any questions at all, please email me or visit my office hours. My job as your seminar instructor is to help you! No matter is too small (or too “stupid”).

Class Plans: Class Plans PPT

Introductions - About Me

  • Your team!
    • Lecture - Dr. Gerin
    • Comm (if applicable) - Mr. Tyra & Ms. Garza
    • Seminar - Prof. Crocker
    • Advisor - Mr. Samuel Ramos and Ms. Johanna DuBose

Pass Contact Sheet around class

Call Roll

Selfie Slide

Syllabus OverviewTriad Syllabus; Dyad Syllabus

  • Walk students through the syllabus
    • List of Assignments/Due dates
  • Late Work Policy
  • Electronic device policy

Icebreaker - Silent Introductions

Technology Pow-Wow:

  • Blackboard
  • Method of communication for our entire LC; individual section
    • Professor to students - EMAIL, to your student account (via Blackboard)
    • Sharing Contact Information between students - sign up sheet - will be posted on Blackboard only, not wiki
  • Be in the habit of bringing your laptop to class!

Semester Goals:
1) Case Studies in Nursing

     A) Primary literature & APA; Research proposal & Annotated bibliography
     B) Presentations
     C) Team-building skills
     D) Real-world application of Anatomy & Physiology
     E) First-Year Research Conference

2) HESI Exam and Nursing Program preparation
3) Professional Development

     A) Resume & Cover Letter
     B) Interview skills & Mock Interview

4) Community Service

  • Science Olympiad - March 3
  • The Big Event - April 14

Time Allowing

  • Reflection & Discussion- Time Management
    • Read Aloud
    • Paired reflection
    • Class Discussion & Best Practices