Upcoming Due Dates!

Let's look at the Plans & Key Due Dates

Class Plans:

Final Portfolio Reminder

FYRC Attendance

  • Interested in replacing a missed Seminar absence/participation? Attend a 45-minute session of the First-Year Research Conference!
  • Fill out evaluation sheet and submit to Prof. Crocker by May 2nd @ 8:00pm.


  • Survey: http://tinyurl.com/fylcp-spr17
  • Team conference with Prof. Crocker
  • If you are relying on me to print/help prepare documents for your review, you must notify me and provide me the documents 48 business hours in advance (don't include weekend hours)


  • Go over Great Group Presentation PPT
  • Team conference with Prof. Crocker
  • Specify what you want to say during presentation
  • I will have feedback on your PPT presentations by Friday @ 2pm
  • Wednesday plans - Informal rehearsals (5-7 min per group to allow time for feedback in class)