Hello! Welcome to the first day of class and to my wiki page. I will be sharing lots of information about our course here, so make sure to check it out frequently during the semester. While most of the details for assignments/due dates are set for the semester, they may be subject to change depending on the needs of the community (ie, your lecture courses). I will make every effort, either through email or in person, to communicate changes in expectations ASAP.

If you have any questions at all, please email me or visit my office hours. My job as your seminar instructor is to help you! No matter is too small (or too “stupid”).

Class Plans: - Class Plans PPT

Introductions - About Me

  • Your team!
    • Lecture - Dr. Metcalf & Dr. Owens
    • Composition (if applicable) - Ms. Jarvis
    • Seminar - Profs. Crocker & Johnson
    • Advisor - Ms. Pfeiffer

Call Roll

Syllabus OverviewBio/Chem-S17 Syllabus

  • Walk students through the syllabus
  • My Wiki Page - bookmark it on your browser
    • Show Class Plans & Key Dates page
    • Show Assignments & Grades page
      • All due dates occur on MW (the day Seminar meets) - Time may vary (generally 8:00am or 8:00pm)
      • Emphasize the importance of online homework
      • If you click on a link and it prompts you for a password, more than likely I have not completely finished writing the requirements for the assignment - However, if in doubt, PLEASE EMAIL ME to ask, I may have simply forgotten to remove the password protection
  • Late Work Policy
  • Electronic device policy

Icebreaker - Sharing Trepidations

Technology Pow-Wow:

  • My Wiki Page
    • Important info on Home page
    • Check it often - don't print it out, because dates/requirements may change, website will be kept up to date
    • Investigate the sidebar links
    • Individual Class Plans pages will be written in outline/notes form to make it easier for me to present in class
  • Blackboard
    • Grades and Assignment submission
  • Method of communication for our entire LC; individual section
    • Professor to students - EMAIL, to your student account (via Blackboard)
    • Any class email I send will be linked to my wiki under "Emails & Reminders" on the side bar
    • Sharing Contact Information between students - sign up sheet - will be posted on Blackboard only, not wiki

Semester Goals:
1) First-Year Research Conference

  • Theme: "Never Stop Questioning"
  • Integrated Assignments across courses will support and prepare you for the opportunity to present

2) Service Commitment

     A) Coastal Bend Science Fair @ TAMU-CC - Jan 27/28
  • Deadline to register to be a volunteer = Jan 20 @ 5pm
  • Professor Crocker will be volunteering 27Jan_2:00-4:30pm; 28Jan_8:00-10:30am
     B) Science Olympiad - Mar 4
     C) The Big Event - Mar 25
  • Professor Crocker will be volunteering

3) Professional/Career Development

  • Career Services - Resume/Cover Letter writing

Islander Events:
1) Islander ROTC 5K - Feb 18

  • Register by Jan 20 to guarantee free shirt
  • Professor Crocker is running/walking this event in honor of her husband, currently deployed to Afghanistan on behalf of the Army (his birthday is Feb 18)

Upcoming Due Dates!

2MJan 23Syllabus/Time Management8:00am: Personality Test - Screen Shot due (details)CHEM Hmwk Due this week!
 WJan 25Class Introductions8:00am: "Selfie" PPT slide due (details) 


  • For those of you who may need accommodations for a disability, please make sure to email me or visit me during my office hours as soon as possible.
  • Lab safety seminar: due ?, 2016 on Blackboard