(5 min) Mention:

  • Seminar in Library, second floor study group rooms, on 9/21
    • Bring laptop, textbook, study aids, etc.
  • Movie Night - Thursday, Sep 21

(10 min) Peer Mentor: Prep for the 1st Exam(s)

(15-20 min) Advising:

  • OrgSync
    • What's active on campus?
    • Which organizations related to my major?
    • How involved should I get my first semester?
  • Links to events going on at TAMU-CC
  • Must-see, must-do in Corpus Christi (time allowing)
  • Follow-up with open floor for general advising questions
    • Still feeling Geology, Environmental Science?
    • Thinking about minoring in something?
    • Rigor of labs?

(15 min) Tech Support:

  • Folder on Blackboard for tech help - let me know if there is something you found helpful that you think I should add
    • Sync email on phone
    • Download Office 365 for free
    • Access TAMU-CC Microsoft Office cloud from anywhere
    • Use Outlook, or some other mail manager
  • Journal feature of Bb
    • "Circling Back" to 1st exam Prep: Let's use the Journal Feature on Blackboard to Identify our Study Plan for Geology Exam 1:
    • What specific things are you doing to prepare for the 1st exam. What is your plan? Be specific, think of the when/where/how/why.
    • Remind students that they will be using the Learning Community Points Journal to document their connections