Upcoming Due Dates!

Let's look at the Plans & Key Due Dates

Class Plans:

Seminar will be held in Corpus Christi Hall on Monday, March 20th. Ms. Bethany Pfeiffer will be walking you through the registration process for fall and will help answer any questions you may have.

  • 11AM - CCH 207
  • 12PM - CCH 204
  • Your final Homework Benchmark (C) for Mastering Biology is due March 20th @ 8:00pm.
  • Your final Proposal for your research team is due March 20th @ 8:00pm, so please make sure to look at the feedback I provided via email the week before spring break to ensure a high grade!
    • If you haven't already, do please let me know if you are interested in presenting at the First-Year Research Conference on April 27th.
  • For those of you participating in The Big Event, I have contact the Student Volunteer Connection to get an updated link to the waiver. I will email it to you as soon as I receive it. Sorry for the trouble!