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**Bring your planner!!
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**Bring your codes!!
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[+'''Class Plans:'''+]

[+Introductions+] - %newwin%[[|About Me]]
*Your team!
**Lecture - Dr. Metcalf & Dr. Owens
**Seminar - Professor Crocker
**Labs - Bio & Chem
**Advisor - Ms. Pfeiffer

[+Pass Contact Sheet around class+]

[+Call Roll+]

[+Syllabus Overview+] [[Attach:Crocker,Vanessa_Syllabus_TriadS_BC_2018Spring.doc|Bio/Chem-S18 Syllabus]]
*Walk students through the syllabus - show Blackboard
*Assignment list (due dates)
*Emphasize the importance of online homework
*Late Work Policy
*Electronic device policy
*Expect students to check Islander email & Blackboard daily!

[+[[Icebreaker - Sharing Trepidations]]+]

[+Semester Goals:+]\\
1) [=BIOdiversity=] & [=CHEMmunication=] - Theme for Discovery Research & Professional Development
A) Diversity in scientists and research; Discovering research labs and internship opportunities
B) Primary literature & APA; Research proposal
C) Presentations
D) Team-building skills
E) Real-world application of Biology & Chemistry
F) Resume & Cover Letter
G) First-Year Research Conference
2) Study Skills and Total Domination of Biology & Chemistry lectures!
**[[Attach:StudyGuide_Expectations.docx|Study Guides Expectations]]; [[Attach:StudyGuide_Ideas.docx|Study Guide Tips & Ideas]]
3) Community Service
**Science Olympiad - March 3
**The Big Event - April 14



*Wednesday, Jan 24 - Meet at OCNR 243

*Upcoming Due Dates!
**Study Guides - Jan 29 (Chem & Bio)