Meet at OCNR 243

Time Management

  • Reflection - Notecard
  • Chunking time (taking breaks)
    • What can you do in these short intervals, downtime, etc.
    • Make a list, keep in a visible place (in your study guide)

*Example: Attach:Schedule_2018Spring_Crocker.xlsx

  • The importance of one
  • Have students help identify what they need to keep track of
  • How to use it
  • Exam dates
  • Homework due dates
  • SI sessions

Show Me Strategy

  • Have students take turns showing me where all due dates are, how to access all homeworks, where important info is, syllabus, SI info

Homework - Getting signed up for Connect, ALEKS, Connect

  • Testaments from my Geology students
    • Hailey - doing homework in study groups
    • Steven - how much time it takes to complete/procrastination
    • Cheyenne - the affects of homework on your overall grade (high percentage of final grade; more successful on exams?)

Before they leave - show me that you've set up your accounts in Mastering Biology, McGraw-Hill Connect, and ALEKS - also that they've put all of the important dates for our LC in their planner